A Little Like a Puddle

Sometimes I feel a little like a puddle. I feel shallow. I feel murky. I feel like a tiny little space in the earth where all sorts of filth comes to fester. IMG_0726

Sometimes I feel like the beautiful clear blue oceans I see on vacation ads. I feel transparent. I feel like people can see who I am deep down inside. I feel inviting.

Sometimes though, sometimes I feel like a puddle.

No one really wants to be a puddle. Puddles are messy. Puddles get you dirty and leave mud on your shoes that gets tracked throughout the house. Occasionally someone will want to play in a puddle, but only for the experience. After they’re done playing they’ll go inside and take a shower. All traces of the puddle gone. No one ever really wants to be a puddle.

It kinda bothers me that I sometimes feel a little like a puddle. Puddles can’t do anything good, can they?

One thing I noticed about puddles the other day is that if you stand in just the right place they reflect the sky. I could still see the mud around the edges of the puddle, but the center was pure blue and purple sky.

It was mesmerizing. It was beautiful.

So I suppose it’s okay if I sometimes feel a little like a puddle. I just hope that those who find me in these moments are standing in just the right place, with just the right perspective, to see the sky.

The fun thing about metaphors and creative writing is that it can be interpreted in many different ways. I encourage different interpretations because I encourage creativity. Now that you’ve read this post and have come up with your own interpretation, I’d like you to know mine.

Humanity is sinful in nature. Even after dedicating our lives to Christ there are times where we still feel stuck in muck of our old sinful lives. That’s normal. Being a Christian isn’t about being perfect. Being a Christian is about growing closer in relationship to God and looking more and more like Christ. It’s a life-long journey. Sometimes, we feel closer to our sinful nature (like a puddle), and other times we feel closer to Christ (like a clear ocean). The beautiful thing is that even when we feel too close to our sinful nature, God can be reflected off of us. His power and divinity is shown greater in our weakness. 

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6 Replies to “A Little Like a Puddle”

  1. You are a BEAUTIFUL puddle! If someone finds you in that moment and doesn’t see the right perspective, it is they who need to change their position to see the sky!!


  2. Puddles are my favorite places to be. You know why? Because in Fabens Texas where it seldom rains ….in the middle of the desert there aren’t puddles. What a wonderful glorious place to play and splash in….and then there are tapoles…..I LOVE TADPOLES!!!! Little wiggly things that nibble on your toes….MUD MUD GLORIOUS MUD!!!!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Life is really about perspective, isn’t it? I like puddles for their tenacity. They are adamant about hanging on and clinging to their bit of the world. And you are right – the reflections can be gorgeous.

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday! I hope you’ll be back 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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