Trust the Lord with all your heart

This past May was my two year anniversary of being with Team Huancayo. What a journey it has been! There were ups and downs and what seemed like a million curve balls through it all. It seems only fitting that this journey ends with a curve ball as well.

Earlier this week the team and I decided that it would be best for me to not continue onto Peru with the rest of the team. 

When I joined the team in 2014, we consisted of 2 families and 3 singles. We had a similar vision that God had put on our hearts and were excited about the community we were going to create with one another. Before we moved to Costa Rica, the team had experienced some downsizing. Now the team consisted of 2 families and 1 single – me. We were still excited about the vision and community we would be for one another, but we also realized it now looked very different than what we had originally expected. Throughout the 9 months spent in Costa Rica together we learned and grew together as teammates, a community, and even in some ways as a family. It was a messy and beautiful experience.

Despite all the growing together, there was still a part of me that didn’t feel peace. The rest of the team recognized this and so we changed my role and time commitment to the team. Instead of a 5-10 year commitment, I had a 2 year commitment and became an apprentice. As much as this change took away my anxiety, I still struggled and my teammates saw this.

We all agreed that at this season of my life, remaining in the United States would allow me to have more fruitful opportunities to explore my graduate school studies, different ministries, and be a part of a larger community in a more stable environment. While moving to Peru with the team would allow for some of these things, we were concerned that overall it might not be the best environment to jump into at this time and that it would become a negative experience that could hurt my growth rather than foster it.

We all sought God in this decision, and I can say that I have an overwhelming deep sense of peace about this decision. I believe God has been working on my heart (and in the hearts of my teammates) in this area for some time now. While God’s been at work for awhile in this decision, it’s still a major life change that none of us really expected – including myself.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the endless ways that you have supported me over these past years – emotionally, spiritually, and financially. It has truly been a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to see how God is going to use it in this next chapter.

Proverbs 3 is a great passage to read alongside this post.


3 Replies to “Trust the Lord with all your heart”

  1. I’m sad to hear this but glad at the same time.. When the time is right you will know…hope to get to see you while you are state side..


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